Six Sigma Certification Training Course

Six Sigma is a universal best practice not just about reducing errors and re-works that cost time, money, opportunity and customers.  Six Sigma practice asks hard questions about your processes and the variation in their results.  Variations cause defects and wastes.  Eliminating variations means eliminating dissatisfaction.  The Six Sigma Green Belt training course will help you understand your processes better and will guide you to implement solutions to eliminate wasteful variation through structured problem solving approach supported by statistical tools and techniques. The Six Sigma Green Belt training is designed to have the right mix of theory and practical exercises where the participants gets a chance to experience the DMAIC framework usage and the associated statistical tools.

Benefits of Six Sigma Green Belt Training for the Organization –

  • Bottom line cost savings by slashing the hidden costs
  • Improved quality of product or service as perceived by the customer (internal and external customers)
  • Reduction in process cycle times
  • Development of staff skills
  • Creates a common language for quality throughout the organization
  • Achieve world class standard

Benefits of Six Sigma Green Belt Training for the employees –

  • Improved knowledge and skills
  • Adapt methodical approach to problem solving
  • Ability to use a wide range of statistical tools and techniques
  • A status / certification that is recognised world wide

Audience for Six Sigma Green Belt Training – It could be professionals who are seeking career growth and building competency. Corporate nominated employees to drive the workplace innovation through Six Sigma programs in their Organization.