Managing Customer Expectations for Managers

What You will Learn?

This course is designed to discuss in detail about the importance of customer satisfaction and its impact to business.

  • Understanding the concept, the need and the importance of Customer Satisfaction
  • Understanding the relationship between customer satisfaction and growth of the organization
  • Learning about Setting Customer Expectation and Managing
  • Customer Expectation Life Cycle
  • Learning to handle difficult situations, creating win-win situations
  • Customer centric culture to achieve greater personal growth and customer satisfaction
  • Understanding various types of customers and managing their expectations
  • Learning Customer Satisfaction measurement Tools and Techniques
  • Voice of Customer
  • Learning Customer Influencing Techniques
  • Understanding ways and means to improve the customer satisfaction

What is this Course about?

“The single most important thing to remember about any enterprise is that there are no results inside its walls. The result of a business is a satisfied customer.…. Peter Drucker”

Customer Service means providing a quality product or services that satisfies the needs of a customer and keeps them coming back.  Good customer service means continued success, increased profitability, increased market share, higher job satisfaction, highly motivated employees, improved company morale & better team work.

This course is designed to discuss in detail about the importance of customer satisfaction and its impact to business.  Participants will learn the importance of setting the customer expectation right and managing them throughout, else they risk customer dissatisfaction and negative customer retention.  Type of customer – DISC model will help the participants to understand the do’s and don’ts with a particular customer type.  This course also provides information on various types of customer satisfaction surveys an organization can undertake and consistently thrive for customer satisfaction.

Who Should Attend?

Project Managers, Team Leaders, Team Members, Engagement Managers, Delivery Managers, Account Managers, Functional Managers, PMO Staff, Onsite Co-ordinators, Quality Assurance, HR and Support Function Staff, Executives and Senior Managers, Pre-sales and Sales and Marketing Staff.


Classroom Course: 1 day


  • Classroom in both public and corporate
  • Online LIVE Instructor led Program
Program Outline & Topics
  • Customer Expectation Management
    • Characteristics of Customer Focused Organizations
    •  Understanding the importance of Customer Satisfaction
    •  Facts about customer experience and behavior
    •  Understanding the Customer Lifetime Value
    •  Customer Expectation Management – Defining customers and their expectations
    •  Setting Customer Satisfaction Level Targets
  • Customer Retention
    • Understanding various reasons on why customers leave
    • Facts about satisfied and dis-satisfied customers
    • Understanding Customer Retention Strategy
  • DISC Model
    • Understanding various types of customers using DISC model
    • Understanding Do’s and Don’ts while working with a particular customer type
  • Measuring Customer Satisfaction
    • Understanding the importance of hearing voice of the customer
    • Learning different types of surveys to collect voice of the customer
    • Ways to improve the customer satisfaction
    • Customer Satisfaction Best Practices


  • Step-by-Step Detailed Courseware
  • Case Studies

Why I should does this Course?

Customer Satisfaction is the number one route to achieve business growth and success.  It is every employee’s responsibility to understand their customer needs and deliver.  This course explains the characteristics of customer focused organizations and their efforts towards customer satisfaction.  Statistical facts about a happy and dis-satisfied customer will help the participants to maintain the highest customer satisfaction levels.  DISC model explains various customer types and will help the participants to deal with them effectively.  Tools and techniques to measure customer satisfaction are also explained in detail along with best practices to achieve the best customer satisfaction.  All the group activities and exercises are designed to make the learning very effective. 

Why ProjectingIT? 

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