Balance Scorecard Training Course – Classroom and Live online course

What You will Learn in projectingIT’s Balanced Scorecard Training Course?

Balanced Scorecard is a strategic planning and management system used to align business activities to the vision statement of an organization.

  • Acquire the knowledge and skill to plan, implement and manage the Balanced Scorecard based Performance Management system
  • Understanding the Balanced Scorecard framework to build Performance Management System
  • Able to align the Performance Measures to the Organization business strategy
  • Learn to successfully design, capture, track and manage the established Performance Measures
  • Learning about potential challenges in implementing Balanced Scorecard and how to overcome
  • Key Success Factors

What is Balanced Scorecard Course about?

Balanced Scorecard is a strategic planning and management system used to align business activities to the vision statement of an organization.  Balanced Scorecard based Performance Management system attempts to translate the sometimes vague, pious hopes of a company’s vision/mission statement in to practicalities of managing the business better at every level of the organization.

The course in detail explains Balanced Scorecard Design and Implementation.  On the Design phase, participants will understand the concept, purpose, drivers and differentiators of Balanced Scorecard.  In depth discussion on developing strategy, strategic objectives, strategy mapping then aligned to Performance Measures with Targets and Thresholds.  On the Implementation phase, detailed discussions on Implementation challenges; Data collection, validation and reporting; Linking the Performance to Awards and Incentives; Development of Communication plan; Defining criteria for selecting Initiatives that can help Organizations to achieve their goals and objectives.

Who Should Attend the Balanced Scorecard Course?

Project Managers, Senior Managers, Engagement Managers, Account Managers, Onsite Coordinators, Delivery Managers, Functional Managers, Programme Managers, Directors, Executives, Sponsors, CEO, PMO staff and anyone who is interesting in understanding and using Balanced Scorecard for Strategic Performance Management and Measurements.

Balanced Scorecard Training Course Outline& Topics
  • Balanced Scorecard – Concept and Origin
    • Introduction to Balanced Scorecard
    • Introduction to Performance Measurement and Management
    • Understanding Balanced Scorecard Terminologies
  • Balanced Scorecard – Design
    • Developing Strategic Themes and anticipated results
    • Developing strategic objectives and drivers
    • Performing Strategic Mapping
    • Deriving Strategic Performance measures, Targets and Thresholds
    • Understanding criteria for developing Strategic initiatives
  • Balanced Scorecard – Implementation
    • Understanding Implementation Challenges
    • Aligning the strategy and process throughout the organization
    • Establishing Performance Data collection & validation
    • Cascading the scorecard across organization
    • Understanding Employee Motivation
    • Linking Strategy to Resource Decisions
    • Balanced Scorecard Software’s


  • Step-by-Step How-to Instructions Courseware
  • Case Study Project
  • Assessment Test

Why I should do Balanced Scorecard Course?

This course presents a good insight on how to Design and Implement a Performance Measurement system in the organization.    This course discusses how to develop Balanced Scorecard Performance system explores issues that organizations face in building and implementing scorecard systems and shares the lessons learnt.  The key to transforming a scorecard in to a management system is to start at the right level of granularity and ‘connect the dots’ among the strategic components – mission, vision, values, pains, enablers, strategic results, themes and strategic objectives.  Through case studies and examples this course provides a good understanding to the participants for a successful Balanced Scorecard design and implementation.

Why ProjectingIT for Balanced Scorecard Certification Training?

  • Trained over 5000+ professionals on best practice project management and scheduling
  • Experienced and Subject Matter Expert Trainers
  • Hands-on training based on real time Project Scenarios
  • Scenario based Step-by-Step Instructions Manual
  • Guidelines / Checklist on Best Project Management and Scheduling Practices
  • Post Training troubleshooting and hand holding
  • ProjectingIT offers certification training course and implementation consultancy on Balanced Scorecard using classroom and virtual online elearning training across India in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Indore, Chandigarh
  • Delegates in London, Bristol, Manchester, Melbourne, Sydney, New Zealand, New York, USA, Singapore can take the online training in a live instructor led class.