PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification in Mumbai

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What You will learn in ProjectingIT’s PRINCE2 Practitioner course?

The Practitioner course is designed to help participants understand the objectives of APMG PRINCE2® Practitioner Certification Exam and pass the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam in their first try.

  • Understand the PRINCE2® Practitioner exam requirements
  • How to pass to pass the PRINCE2 exam in your first try
  • Use a Case study scenario to run a project using PRINCE2 method
  • Apply classroom concepts to project case study and scenarios
  • Understand how to tailor PRINCE2 to suit your project needs
  • Produce key PRINCE2® management products e.g. Business Case using templates
  • Learn how the 7 PRINCE2 Themes are applied to projects
  • Learn the project journey and flow using PRINCE2 process model
  • Select and appoint the project management team

What is the PRINCE2 Practitioner course about?

PRINCE2® means PRojects IN Controlled Environment. PRINCE2® is a process-based approach for project management that provides a tailorable and scalable method for managing simple, complex, small, large or any type of projects. PRINCE2 Practitioner is level 2 of the APMG PRINCE2 certification exam. This course prepares the delegates to appear for the APMG PRINCE2® Practitioner level project management certification exam and pass it successfully.

Why become APMG PRINCE2 Practitioner Certified Project Manager?

  • One of the most popular project management certification across the world
  • Proves your understanding of project management
  • Certification increases your saleability
  • Demonstrates your knowledge of project management
  • Proof of professional achievement
  • Improves the way you manage your projects

Who should attend the projectingIT’s PRINCE2 Practitioner Training?

The target audience for the practitioner certification program are professionals interested in pursuing the APMG PRINCE2® Practitioner project management certification exam including anyone, who wants to take up project management including Project Managers, Team Managers, Executives, Project Leaders, Project Co-ordinators, Program and Delivery Managers, PMP, Project Management Office staff. The delegates must have passed the PRINCE2® Foundation Exam for taking the practitioner exam.

PRINCE2 Practitioner Program Outline, Topics and Course Contents
PRINCE2 Themes: Business Case – justify the project

  • Concepts:
    What is a Business Case, Why we should use Business Case to justify project investment is worthwhile, Concepts on outputs, outcome and benefits, the responsibilities of PRINE2 project management team roles towards Business Case
  • Developing an effective Business Case:
    The contents of Business Case, PRINCE2 Business Case template, who writes the Business Case? The development path of a Business Case, when to create the first draft, review and verify and finally confirming the benefits of the project using Benefits Review Plan.
  • Confirming the benefits using Benefits Review Plan:
    How to measure the project’s benefits during and after the project is over, Who is accountable for measuring them and when the expected benefits will be reviewed, PRINCE2 Benefits Review Plan template, example scenario to create one project document.

PRINCE2 Themes: Organization – Form the team

  • Concepts:
    PRINCE2 principle – Defined roles and responsibilities, the project stakeholders, levels of management, the three primary stakeholder interest – Business, User and Supplier, project governance and direction, the role of corporate or programme management.
  • The PRINCE2 project management team:
    Project Board, Senior User, Executive, Senior Supplier, Project Manager, Team Manager, Project Assurance, Project Support and Change Authority, tailoring the PRINCE2 project roles.
  • The PRINCE2 Communication Management Strategy:
    Identify, involve and engage project stakeholders, how to keep the project stakeholders informed and share project communications with them, creating the PRINCE2 Communication Management Strategy using the PRINCE2 template.
  • PRINCE2 Themes: Quality – Meet customer expectationsThe PRINCE2 Quality path, Customer quality expectations vs. acceptance criteria, Capture what customer wants in a PRINCE2 Project Product Description template, Project Assurance vs. Quality Assurance, Quality Planning, Quality Assurance and Quality Control functions, Prepare the Quality Management Strategy, Capture quality criteria and responsibilities in the Product Description, Track quality activities using the Quality register, PRINCE2 Quality Review technique.
  • PRINCE2 Themes: Plan – Determine the scope, time and cost
    How to prepare a plan?
    What is planning and why we need to plan? How does the Plan theme support Manage by Stages principle, The levels of Plans in PRINCE2, Project Plan, Stage Plan and Team Plan, when to prepare Exception Plan, PRINCE2 approach for planning, PRINCE2 Plans template.
  • PRINCE2 product based planning technique
    Product-based approach to planning, the four tasks in product based planning, Project Product Description, Product Breakdown Structure, Product Description and Product Flow Diagram

PRINCE2 Themes: Risk – Know the unknown

  • Risk Management Strategy
    What is a Risk Management Strategy, why is it required?  Create Risk Management Strategy using PRINCE2 template, Risk management procedure, Tools and techniques for risk management, risk management roles and responsibilities, risk tolerance, how risks are reported
  • Risk Register
    Record risks in the Risk Register, use the PRINCE2 Risk        Register template, understand key terms such as probability, impact, proximity, category, risk response strategies, risk owners and actionee, risk budget, threats and opportunities.
  • PRINCE2 Themes: Change – Know the unknown Concepts
    Difference between risk and issue, types of issues in PRINCE2, PRINCE2 approach to change, Daily log, Change Authority, Change Budget, Configuration management procedure, Concession
  • Issue and Change Control procedure
    Steps in configuration and change control, Capture issue, Examine the impact of an issue, Propose an option, Decide action and Implement the action, Exception plan
  • PRINCE2 Themes: Progress – Monitor and control Concepts
    Manage by stages, Manage by exception, Learn from experience, Management and Technical Stages, Six project performance variables, Tolerance and raising Exceptions, Project Board and Project Manager controls, Time driven vs. event driven control, for Reviewing and Reporting Progress, Baselines, Delegating work using Work Package, Risk Register, Issue Register and Quality Register for monitoring and controlling.
  • The PRINCE2 Processes
  • The PRINCE2 process model
  • The seven processes of PRINCE2
  • The anatomy of a process
  • How processes interact with each other
  • The purpose, objectives, activities and outputs of each process
  • Starting up a Project – Check the project feasibility
  • Directing a Project – Provide management guidance and control
  • Initiating a Project – Plan how the project will be delivered
  • Controlling a Stage – Deliver stage within agreed tolerance
  • Managing Product Delivery – Deliver the specialist products
  • Managing a Stage Boundary – Review how the stage performed
  • Closing a Project – Hand over products and evaluate performance
  • The PRINCE2 Management Products
  • Baseline products, records and reports
  • Purpose, content and templates
  • Discuss the key PRINCE2 products such as Business Case, Benefits Review, Project Initiation Documentation, Strategies, Registers, Logs and Reports
  • The PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam practice
  • Practice Practitioner exam questions
  • Crosswords
  • Role plays
  • Match the following
  • Rapid fire questions

Course Deliverables

  • Pre-course reading material
  • PRINCE2® 2009 official manual for the training duration only
  • Free practitioner courseware, materials and study guides pdf
  • Crosswords and quizzes
  • Assignment and exercises
  • 100′s of practitioner exam questions
  • APMG PRINCE2® Practitioner certification exam
  • Useful PRINCE2® project management Templates

Benefits of using the PRINCE2 method

PRINCE2® provides a process driven structure method for managing projects. Benefits of PRINCE2 includes:

  • A controlled project start, a controlled project middle and controlled project closure
  • A standard and consistent approach for managing projects
  • Best project management practices
  • Justification of project investment using Business Case
  • Manage by stages for better control on projects
  • Manage by exception for better use of senior management time
  • The involvement of management and stakeholders throughout the project
  • Continuous improvement using lessons learned
  • Step-by-step activities for managing a project
  • How to tailor the method to suit your project requirement

APMG PRINCE2 Practitioner Project Management Certification Exam – Qualification Overview

  • Objective testing format
  • Scenario based questions
  • 8 questions per paper with 10 marks available per question i.e. 80 marks total
  • Duration is 2.5 hours
  • Open book exam (Official PRINCE2® Manual only)
  • 44 marks required (out of 80 available) to pass – 55%
  • Delegates should have passed the Foundation exam.

Why choose ProjectingIT for PRINCE2 certification?

  • APMG accredited training organisation ATO for PRINCE2® training and certification exam
  • Trained over 10000+ professionals on best practice project management
  • Pass Guarantee: We pay your Practitioner Exam fees if you fail exam in your first try!
  • Accredited and experienced trainers
  • Hands-on training based on real time project scenarios
  • 5000+ certified delegates in professional certifications
  • Best pass ratio in the industry
  • Best PRINCE2 course at affordable and competitive price
  • Designed with maximum interactive group workshops
  • We don’t just talk about theory, we ‘walk the talk’
  • Post course access to PRINCE2 FAQ, Templates, questions and case studies
  • 100’s of questions to prepare for the exam

projectingIT’s PRINCE2 Practitioner certification training locations in INDIA:

If you take the Practitioner course online then you can take the APMG Practitioner exam from any of the following locations.

  • Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai
  • Pune
  • Delhi, NCR, Gurgaon, Noida, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Lucknow
  • Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Baroda, Surat
  • Bangalore, Mysore, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram
  • Chennai
  • Hyderabad
  • Kolkata

projectingIT offers Virtual Live instructor-led web-based PRINCE2 Practitioner training course. The participants from following countries and cities can enrol to take the course. We will organize the remote exam for you.

Countries and cities for PRINCE2 Practitioner Training Course:

United Kingdom (England) – London, Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham, Chester, Liverpool, Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Belfast


France, Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Paris, Amsterdam, Dublin

Australia and New Zealand –

Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton, Auckland

Middle East – Bahrain, Qatar, Doha, Dubai, Abu dhabi, Kuwait

Asia – Singapore, Malaysia, Penang, Kuala lumpur, Sri Lanka, Colombo, Philippines, Thailand, Bangkok

USA and Canada –

New york, New jersey, Florida, California, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal

Africa – Kenya, Nairobi, Nigeria, Lagos, Abuja, South Africa, Johannesburg, Durban, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, Cape town

* Candidate who Pass PRINCE2 Certification Exam can get listed on the APMG International PRINCE2 Successful Candidate Register

★★★★★ - PRINCE2

“The course was conducted in a professional manner. Trainer, Ashish was really good at this job. He knew the subject, the manner to conduct the class, and how to keep participants engaged. The tips he provided prior to exam was extremely helpful. Thanks for providing us such a fantastic faculty”

- Philip Koshy

★★★★☆ - PRINCE2

“The training was excellent and covered all the topics. I have attended several trainings earlier; however this was ‘the best’. Ashish has in-depth knowledge of project management and PRINCE2 course and explained it well. His approach and presentation is excellent. He made it easy and comfortable for everyone to understand the topics by generating interest. The training was well planned and organized. I would definitely recommend ProjectingIT to my colleagues and friends in other organization”

- Rajeev Vaidya

★★★★★ - PRINCE2

Excellent training on all aspects of PRINCE2® by Ashish. Very good trainer. I recommend projectingIT for PRINCE2® trainings to pass it in first try”

- Bhautik Parekh

★★★★★ - PRINCE2

“Thanks to ProjectingIT. I passed my PRINCE2® Certification exam”

- Hareendran E, Director