Hands-on Advanced Microsoft® Project – 3 Days


Best practice guidelines and checklists on project scheduling Resolving resource workload overallocation Optimizing for time, cost and resource Managing multiple projects Sharing data with other Microsoft office applications Customizing and sharing objects Analyzing performance using earned value management


This course provides a good insight on balancing resource workloads, customization of project for your project specific environment and earned value analysis. You’ll learn various techniques on optimizing project for dates, cost and resources. The course provides advanced knowledge and skills required to manage multiple and complex projects. You’ll learn to create cross-project links, develop shared resources and track and report status across multiple projects.

Target Audience

Project managers, senior managers and anyone responsible for planning, managing and coordinating projects. A hand on experience in creating and maintaining Microsoft Project schedules is required for this course.

Hands on Training

Workshops are completed using Microsoft Project Professional 2007 but are also applicable to those using Project 2003.

Lab exercises include:

  • Identify resource over allocations using different techniques
  • Resolve workloads yourself and using Microsoft Project
  • Compress schedules using fast tracking and crashing techniques
  • Creating master and sub projects and their dependencies
  • Implement shared resource pool
  • Customize projects to promote consistency
  • Integrating Microsoft Project with Excel and other tools
  • Perform earned value analysis to measure project performance
  • Assessment exam after each module for evaluation