What is PRINCE2?

PRINCE2 is a method for managing projects. It covers the management, control and organisation of project. PRINCE2 stands for “PRojects IN Controlled Environment”. 2 does not actually indicate any version. The PRINCE2 method is described in book called “Managing Successful using PRINCE2. The manual is published by TSO and is owned by Cabinet Office, UK.

The PRINCE2 method offers the following -

- WHO will be involved in managing projects [the project management team roles]
- WHAT they should know to their project management work
- WHEN all the work will happen
- Templates for the project management products
- Tailoring guidelines to customize PRINCE2 to suit your project environment
- Two techniques for product planning and quality review

The first edition of PRINCE2 was launched by the UK Government in 1996 and has since become the most widely used project management method worldwide. There are over approximately 500,000 certified Project Managers in PRINCE2. PRINCE2 has become ‘a way’ of delivering projects. It has become a community, comprising:

The UK Government (it is owned by the Cabinet Office)

A documented method (the manual, now in its 5th edition published in 2009), available in several languages

An accreditation body (APM Group Ltd)

Accredited training organisations in most countries, providing training around the globe in 17 languages

Accredited consulting organisations

Software tools supporting PRINCE2

An official user group (The Best Practice User Group – BPUG) and numerous others covering more than 10 countries

Several on-line discussion forums dedicated to PRINCE2

More than 2 million pages on the world-wide-web which reference PRINCE2; much more than any other method.

Training & Certification

Most accredited training organisations (ATOs) offer a selection of courses, ranging from overviews without examinations
to examination events. There are two certificates available:

Foundation Certificate

The Foundation Certification course is the entry level course to Project Management. This course prepares the delegates to appear for the APMG PRINCE2® Foundation Level Project Management Certification and pass it successfully.

APMG PRINCE2® Foundation Project Management Certification Exam – Qualification Overview

Multiple choice format
75 questions per paper
5 questions to be trial and not counted in scores
35 marks required (out of 70 available) to pass – 50%
No eligibility for Exams
Foundation Exams can be taken by delegates who are new to Project Management

Practitioner Certificate

The certificate holder is able to apply PRINCE2 to the running and managing of a project within an environment supporting PRINCE2.

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