Automated Testing Course

What you will learn?

This two-day workshop focuses on concepts and practical aspects of automation. It also covers exercise containing real scenariocovering automated testing life cycle methodology.

  • What is test automation
  • Why use automated testing
  • Deciding scope of automation.
  • Test automation fundamental concepts.
  • Evaluate tools for automation.
  • Apply knowledge of designing framework .
  • Plan and manage execution of an automation project.

Test Automation Course Overview

This two-day workshop focuses on concepts and practical aspects of automation. It also covers exercise containing real scenariocovering automated testing life cycle methodology.

Who should Attend?

People having understanding of role of testing in projects, testers, developers and Project Managers, people interested in testing career

Course Duration : 1 / 2 days

Course Outline

  • Introduction to automated testing
  • Why automation is needed
  • When to automate and when not to automate
  • Test automation fundamentals
  • What is a test automation framework
  • Test Library management
  • Test automation approaches
  • Test automation process
  • Test execution and analysis of results
  • Test metrics
  • Tips for successful test automation
  • Exercise– Real-time scenario covering automated testing life cycle methodology.

Benefits of Automation Testing Training: 

This course empowers testing personnel, developers and Managers will fundamental aspects of automation.

During this course misconceptions about automation are clarified. Practices covered during the course will enable people to have cost-effective automation.
It will enable teams to deliver project/product on time.

Sample Test:

  1. Give two disadvantages of record and playback framework.
  2. What are the advantages of using data-driven framework?
  3. What is application map?
  4. Why versioning is important in case of automated testing?
  5. Define configuration management in the context of automation.

FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions on Software Automated Testing

  • Q1: In our company, currently, we are doing manual testing only. I want to establish automation practices. There are so many tools in the market. Will this course guide me in evaluating tool for automation.
    A1: Yes, it covers the topic.
  • Q2: After this course will I be able to select automation approach for the projects as I have to manage one of the automation projects.
    A2: This covers planning and managing aspects of automation. It will really help you.
  • Q3: I am a developer. Will I derive benefit from this course.
    A3: This course covers all the concepts related to automation and these can be applied to any level of tests i.e. unit, integration and acceptance test level and this is going to benefit you.
  • Q4: I have read a lot about automation. I have come across that it is very difficult to maintain.
    A4: Using best practices, described within this course, you can have easily maintainable project.
  • Q5: In our project design is changing frequently and it is not stable. I need to decide whether it is right time to start automation.
    A5: Decision is quite crucial and after this course you will be able to decide on your own.

Software Testing Training Courses offered by projectingIT in classroom and online format:- 

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projectingIT has a wide range of Software Testing training and certification courses. You can choose from Foundation, Advanced and Expert level training courses to take your career to the next level.

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Software Testing, Automated Testing, Manual Testing Certification Training Course Workshop Locations in INDIA:

projectingIT offers the Testing courses through open workshops classes and customized courses for in-house corporate customers. You can choose to attend the course from following locations:-

Software Testing: Automated Testing and Automation Testing Tools Training Course in following City:-

  • Mumbai – Navi Mumbai, Andheri – Hotel VITS
  • Pune – Koregaon Park, Deccan
  • Bangalore – Hotel Solitaire, Race Course Road, Bengaluru
  • Chennai – T Nagar
  • Hyderabad – Amir Peth
  • Kolakata – Salt Lake City
  • Delhi – Hotel Rockland
  • Gurgaon in NCR
  • Noida in NCR
  • Nagpur – Ramdaspeth
  • Vadodara
  • Ahmedabad
  • Indore
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  • Mysore
  • Goa – Panaji

Alternatively, you can take the course through online, elearning, virtual live classroom training in a self paced distance learning format. This offers more flexibility and affordable costs. We provide PDU for this course.

Software Testing ONLINE Course on Automation, UAT, Regression, Tools, Test Manager.