Agile Testing

What is Agile Testing?

This course takes a in-depth look at these concepts using practical real world scenarios to successful Agile planning.

  • How to test Agile / Scrum development projects
  • Understand how the common challenges in the traditional development
  • The difference between Agile Testing Method and traditional waterfall testing method
  • What is Scrum? Scrum testing
  • Test methodology for Agile / Scrum projects
  • Agile Test Approach
  • Agile Testing Lifecycle
  • Agile Testing process
  • Role of Testers in Agile software testing projects
  • Test Planning in Agile projects
  • Describe the Agile / Scrum framework
  • Test case development
  • Release planning
  • What is a Sprint / Timebox
  • Sprint / Timebox planning
  • Estimating Tools and Techniques
  • Prioritization using MoSCoW and Business Value
  • Report Test Progress
  • Plan testing activities
  • Identify Testing Constraints and obstacles impacting testing during the daily scrum
  • Agile testing method
  • Test Driven Development
  • Risk based testing in agile project
  • Monkey testing in agile project
  • Regression testing in agile project
  • Priority testing
  • Manual testing in agile
  • Automation testing in agile
  • Software and tools for agile projects
  • Testing metrics for agile projects
  • Agile testing tools and techniques
  • Task board
  • Kanban
  • Test reporting
  • Understand the purpose of a test strategy on an agile project.
  • Identify and define the project quality expectations and acceptance criteria
  • Estimate the testing effort using story points for release planning and time based for iteration planning
  • Learn how to use estimating techniques: sizing, relativity, rule of thumb and poker planning.
  • Using a Backlog of user stories, estimates, constraints and a defined development & test process, plan the resourcing of test activities for iteration
  • Differentiate between a release burn-down chart and an iteration burn-down chart
  • Create an agile task board based on a given agile development and test process and typical project progress information
  • Calculate team velocity based on given measures for an agile project
  • Understand how the Test Driven Development (TDD) approach to code implementation is applied
  • Understand how the tester can support Test Driven Design and what value this will add
  • Understand the need for continuous integration and how this will impact on your testing and the environments
  • Comprehend the relationship between version management and the testing activities required to mitigate these
  • Learn how to do Defect management in an Agile project
  • Understand why it is essential to have test automation within an Agile project
  • Given a user story and specified project constraints, be able to identify
    appropriate non-functional testing techniques
  • Understand how tools can support an Agile project
  • Understand what additional skills an Agile tester requires over and above those of a traditional tester
  • Identify the risks involved when you scale Agile to deliver large projects and what you can do to mitigate them

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Why projectingIT?

projectingIT has a wide range of Software Testing training and certification courses. You can choose from Foundation, Advanced and Expert level training courses to take your career to the next level.

projectingIT have experienced trainers who are expert testing practitioners themselves and have lived the life. The course is very interactive and engages participants through discussion, project case studies, workshops and techniques.

Software Testing, Automated Testing, Manual Testing Certification Training Course Workshop Locations in INDIA:

projectingIT offers the Testing courses through open workshops classes and customized courses for in-house corporate customers. You can choose to attend the course from following locations:-

Agile Software Testing and Certification Courses: Agile Testing Course in following City:-

  • Agile Testing Training Course in Mumbai – Navi Mumbai, Andheri – Hotel VITS
  • Agile Testing Training Course in Pune – Koregaon Park, Deccan
  • Agile Testing Training Course in Bangalore – Hotel Solitaire, Race Course Road, Bengaluru
  • Agile Testing Training Course in Chennai – T Nagar
  • Agile Testing Training Course in Hyderabad – Amir Peth
  • Agile Testing Training Course in Kolakata – Salt Lake City
    Delhi – Hotel Rockland
  • Agile Testing Training Course in Gurgaon in NCR
  • Agile Testing Training Course in Noida in NCR
  • Agile Testing Training Course in Nagpur – Ramdaspeth
  • Agile Testing Training Course in Vadodara
  • Agile Testing Training Course in Ahmedabad
  • Agile Testing Training Course in Indore
  • Agile Testing Training Course in Kochi
  • Agile Testing Training Course in Mysore
  • Agile Testing Training Course in Goa – Panaji

Alternatively, you can take the course through online, elearning, virtual live classroom training in a self paced distance learning format. This offers more flexibility and affordable costs. We provide PDU for this course.

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